This page holds all my work in Blender to date. See below for tutorials and getting into Blender development

BGE Tutorials

These tutorials tend to focus more on the python side of the BGE as it’s the area I’m most interested in. Python’s beauty lies in its ‘batteries included’ approach, and as such there is a large standard library, as well as many other extensions available to use. Sadly, you don’t see many BGE scripting tutorials cover how these modules can be used to greatly extend what is possible within the BGE. So a lot of these tutorials look at applying them to the BGE as well as using python and the BGE in general. I try not to write too much generic code, and instead cover how you can use particular techniques/concepts to apply them in your own games.

They’re organised by game scripting tasks and within topics are listed in the order that they run in. I’ve included the version of Blender that each of these were created with in brackets.  For each tutorial I try and end with a real game example (by real game I mean a short concept) so you can see how the ideas covered can be applied in practice. If you have any requests for a particular tutorial feel free to ask in the comments below.

BGE and Python in general

Player Input


Saving and loading and Python file I/O

Game world/environment


Blender Development

I’ve just gotten started with Blender development, and at the moment I’m just learning to navigate and understand sections of the source code. In some way these are tutorials, but mainly, they just cover my experiences. I’m sharing them because there’s very little information on developing Blender available. They are all in a process of constant refinement as I learn more. So do keep in mind that they might contain mistakes, bad practice and things that are just plain wrong! So feel free to point out improvements. Anyway, here’s what I’ve gotten so far:

Building Blender on Windows 7 64bit
BGE: Creating a new actuator part 1
BGE: Creating a new actuator part 2


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