I’m Jay.

By day I work in mental health, but by night I invest my time in various projects. I’m an avid fan of making things and problem solving from crafts through to programming and electronics. This blog is a collection of my making endeavours. For a lot of my projects I’ll try to explain what is going one and talk through what I’m doing so you can give them a go.

I enjoy using Blender and Python so regularly post tutorials on the Blender Game Engine, that you can read in the Blender tab.

I’m always open to requests and ideas, so if you have any post them in the comments.

Support Me

I’m not after your money. I do this to share my knowledge and for fun of it. There’s lots of free ways you can support the development of this blog. You can get involved by posting comments and suggestions to help shape the direction of future articles and tutorials. You can also share, like and follow this blog and it’s articles to help it reach a larger audience. Or you could just tell your friends about it.

If you really wanna get hands on I’m always open to guest writers doing posts about making various things or Blender Game Engine tutorials. Let me know in the comments below.


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