Peavey 6505 +112 Switching Peddle

•March 17, 2016 • Leave a Comment

My friend and bandmate has been after a channel switching peddle for his Peavey 6505 +112 combo amp and with Christmas coming up I thought it’d be the perfect gift for him. But rather than buy one I decided to make one from some parts I had lying around.

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Python Dungeon Generator

•January 15, 2016 • 35 Comments

I designed the python dungeon generator after finding that there weren’t many python procedural level generators that were generic enough for use in any game engine/rendering set up. Those that did exist either weren’t very documented or lacked in features. So this aims to rectify that.

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BGE: Stealth mechanics

•May 29, 2015 • Leave a Comment

With the BGMC 16 underway and as I’m running it and won’t be entering and the theme being stealth I thought I’d put together a quick tutorial on making a stealth game. We’ll start by looking and creating enemies that patrol or look around on guard, then see how we can create line’s of sight for them. From there we’ll explore ways we the player can distract enemies, get them to follow footprints and hide in the shadows. So lets get stuck in… Continue reading ‘BGE: Stealth mechanics’

Hand Carved Jewellery Boxes

•April 7, 2015 • Leave a Comment

One of the benefits of having a tree surgeon for a housemate is the amount of free wood available. I’ve always wanted to do something with it but was held back by a lack of inspiration or restricted by the size and type wood available. However, with my girlfriend’s birthday approaching I decided to make some small jewellery boxes carved from some juniper that was available.

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Edible Valentine’s Day Flowers

•April 3, 2015 • Leave a Comment

This year for Valentines day I decided to follow an idea suggested by my boss. She’s really into her baking and was showing me some of the things that she has baked, including the flowers she’d made to decorate cakes. This inspired me to create a bouquet of edible flowers.

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BGE: scrolling textures with GLSL

•March 9, 2015 • 1 Comment

Often in games we’ll want to give the appearance of a complex animation by animating 2D images. Such as smoke, explosions, muzzle flashes and tracks/conveyor belts. In the BGE is this typically done by manipulating an object’s UV co-ordinates. In this tutorial we’ll take a look at another way of doing this by writing custom GLSL shaders to manipulate textures. I’ll cover how we can create endless scrolling textures, rotate textures and scroll through sprite sheets. I’ll also touch on using try/except blocks to optimise code. Check out the video to see it all in action:

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BGMC15: Lessons Learnt

•March 6, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Ever since learning to program I’ve always wanted to create games. I’ve dreamt of being able to enter a game contest, but between work, my girlfriend and life I don’t normally have time to dedicate to something so time intensive. However, in February I was lucky enough to have several days off work so I could enter the Blender Game Making Contest 15. It was a long slog to finish (seven 16-18 hour days) and over the week I had learnt a lot. So I thought I’d share with you what I learnt:

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