I always like to try and make cards for people rather than buy them. As the number grows I thought I was time that I started detailing the different things I’ve tried. I’ll try and update this from time to time as I make more.

Girlfriend’s Christmas card

This time around I wanted to do a popup card. I created this by building up various pop out layers:

Girlfriend’s 20th birthday card

Bday card 8

This card was created using a wooded frame wrapped in fur and stitched shut.

The inside was built of of layers made from card and dried flowers:

Bday card 5I left a square out of one of the fur panels to insert the card’s insides:

Bday card 16

Mother’s 5oth card

This was constructed using a standard A4 white card. The inside was covered with photos of my mum over the past 50 years. I then stuck and outline of the “50 YEARS” on the front and cut the letters out. I added a final layer of card to the front and the red finish and then cut the letters out again from the inside. This layering of the card strengthened the cut out lettering.

Valentine’s day card

Flower card 2

Rather than do a traditional style card I decided to do something different. I created a number of paper flowers based on tutorials found here and here. With the second tutorial I didn’t have the fancy cutter they used, However, I was able to get the same pattern by drawing around a coin and cutting out the resulting outline:

The stems were constructed from copper wire stripped out of some old heavy duty electrical cable. I kept some the nice copper colour, other’s were wrapped with florists tape. Finally, the message was written on the leafs running down the vase.

And that’s it for now. Let me know about the cards you make in the comments below.


~ by Jay on December 30, 2014.

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